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Welcome to the e-platform of EAPRIL, the European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning (in education and professional practice). On this e-platform EAPRIL members are able to easily share documents (papers, abstracts, powerpoints,...) by up- and downloading them in one of the Cloud sections. The 7 clouds are 7 specialised subplatforms for discussion, networking and cooperation within a certain domain of expertise. The platform also gives EAPRIL members  the opportunity to comment on the various uploaded documents. Moreover EAPRIL members are able to surf to a forum to have more thorough online discussions about various relevant topics. Non-EAPRIL members are given access to some pages and are given the chance to explore the clouds. However, consulting the documents and conference presentations and papers is not possible for non-EAPRIL members as this is an exclusive advantage for our EAPRIL members and conference delegates.

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If you were a participants in the EAPRIL 2014 Conference, personal accounts were created for you. Please use the login details from the conference newsletter, if you want to get access to this platform.

If you are not yet an EAPRIL member or have not participated in the 2014 conference and wish to have access to this E-platform, surf to www.eapril.org/join and become a member!  Subsequently, you can continue your registration to the E-platform.

If you have any question, please contact us: info@eapril.org.

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